About us

about Musclekart

Musclekart is a sports nutrition company with its capabilities in Wholesale Trade, Retail, Marketing and Distribution in branded nutrition products. MK's products and services are designed to advance affordability and availability to latest sports nutrition brands worldwide.

Musclekart doing business all over India is incorporated in beginning to 2014. However, we have been trading in food and nutritional products for the past 5 years and therefore have a network of well established strategic partnerships across the globe.

The company has been working strongly with clients to provide them with guaranteed lowest prices. With our contacts we make sure to supply you with the top selling brands and you are aware of the newest brands available. On our brands page is a wide range of products what we can get. Let us know what your needs are

Musclekart’s philosophy is to provide you with a personalized service that understands the challenges in international business and also a long lasting commercial relationship.