R1 PRO 6

We’ve combined 6 different premium sources to deliver 25g of complete protein with a full complement of essential and conditionally essential amino acids for recovery. With faster, moderate, and slower digesting proteins, Pro6 Protein is an exceptional and convenient way to increase daily protein intake any time, day or night.

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If you want the convenience of one protein powder that can be used around workouts, between meals, and before bed, this is the formula you’re looking for. Diverse sources make Pro6 Protein a versatile protein for around-the-clock use. Multiple types of whey, casein, and egg protein provide staged-release aminos for muscle repair and recovery.
  • 25g multi-source protein
  • Whey isolate, hydrolysate isolate, and native isolate
  • Micellar casein and egg white proteins
  • Over 12g EAA, including 6g BCAAs^^
Even with all we put into Pro6 Protein, what we leave out is just as impressive:
  • ZERO Incomplete Proteins
  • ZERO Amino Spiking
  • ZERO Banned Substances
  • ZERO Added Sugars
  • ZERO Compromises
  • ZERO Gluten**
Per serving ^^ EAA and BCAAs are naturally occuring and approximated. ** Excludes Cookies & Crème flavor.

After/Between Workouts

With staged-delivery aminos, Pro6 Protein supports your workout efforts when consumed around workouts, between meals, or in the evenings before going to sleep.

Mixing Directions

Drop one (1) scoop of Pro6 Protein into 10-12 oz. of water, milk, or your favorite beverage in a shaker cup or 16 oz. glass. Shake or stir it up! Set your blender on high to make it extra smooth and creamy.